Here listed below are some of the advantages of regularly practicing Pilates:

. Improved Flexibility

. Greater Strength and muscle tone

. More efficient respiratory system

. More effective lymphatic system therefore less toxins in the body

. More effective circulatory system

. Lowered Stress levels

. A Flatter Stomach and Trimmer Waist (through better TVA engagement)

. Better posture

. Toned Bum and thighs

. Toned Arms and shoulders

. Fewer headaches (where they are posture-based)

. Less back pain

. Boosted immune system

. Increased Bone density

. Greater joint mobility

. Fewer injuries through sport

. Improved performance (sport)

All of the above can be attained when the Pilates exercises are performed by using the following Principles:

  1. Neutral Spine

  2. Transversus Abdominals engagement

  3. Pelvic stability

  4. Pelvic floor engagement

  5. Shoulder stabilisation

  6. Flow and Control

  7. Breath

  8. Concentration

  9. Quality

  10. Relaxation